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Constellation Brands buys Funky Buddha

Florida’s Funky Buddha Brewery was just purchased by brewing giant Constellation Brands.  Funky Buddha has been a bit of an industry darling lately, having collected five gold medals in the 2016 World Beer Cup.  The brewery opened in 2013 and had recently become the second largest brewery in Florida.  They are known for beers made with odd ingredients, like bacon and coconut. Continue reading

Day of Craft and Crafty Deals

On July 26th, several deals were announced in the world of craft beer.  First the good: Brooklyn Brewery announced it purchased a “minority stake” in both 21st Amendment Brewery and Funkwerks.  On their blog, Brooklyn stated:

By our powers combined, we’ll be able to reach new markets, bring an incredible array of beers and styles to drinkers, and continue to grow and invest in all three breweries as independent craft brewers… Yes, that means Brooklyn Lager will someday soon pour in the Bay Area, and 21st Amendment cans will roll forth along the Gulf Coast, and Funkwerks will pop up in Brooklyn.

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Craft or Crafty: Be an honest sell-out

A recent Beer Advocate article highlighted one aspect of Corporate Beer buyouts that really irks many fans of craft beer:

If you’re a Big Beer-affiliated brewery, own that.  Don’t hide it.  In your company’s “About Us” or “Brewery History” page online, don’t omit that AB InBev owns y0u…  Don’t play cute about it with the press.  Stop telling consumers nothing has changed.  Anyone saying that is either lying or negligently naive.

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“Independent” bottle label introduced

Today the Brewer’s Association announced that they will be launching a new bottle label to help consumers identify truly Craft beer.  The label will be free to use, and will be licensed only to breweries that meet the BA’s definition of a craft brewery.

This could be a game-changer.  Best-case scenario, this labeling campaign makes this website obsolete.

Read more details in the BA’s announcement.  Even more details are in their press release.

Paste’s “The BS Arguments of Craft Beer Sell-Outs…”

Paste magazine recently ran a fantastic article titled The BS Arguments of Craft Beer Sell-Outs: How Brewery Buyouts Hurt Craft Beer.  This article debunks the most common rationalizations for selling out to Big Beer that are often given by formerly craft brewers (and their fans).  This article is a great read, packed with many detailed examples and points, and I strongly recommend you read it in its entirety.  Just in case, though, here’s the TLDR: Continue reading